Yoav Vered

PhD direct track 2015 –

Advisor: Prof. Izhak Bucher
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Contact Details

Office: Lady Davis Building 365
Tel: +972-77-8873605
Email: syoavv@gmail.com

Research Interests
  • Waves and dispersion
  • Dynamical systems identification
  • Control and active sound control
  • Numerical methods
  • Applied mathematics

Investigating and manipulating the dynamics of a fluid-filled impedance tube for acoustic characterization of materials.

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Yoav Vered’s PhD Seminar on the Technion Panopto cloud (accessible only to certified Technion account)

Yoav Vered’s PhD Seminar on YouTube (360p resulotion)

178th ASA  Meeting at San-Diego
ISMA 2018, Leuven, Belgium


Flexible structures input shaping via an FIR L2 framework.

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GCS2020 – Graduate Students in Systems and Control, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Active detection of small imperfections in structures with cyclic symmetry

Dispersion estimation using state space-mechanism

A nonlinear rotatable Autoresonance algorithm for near field acoustic levitation devices