Ran Shaham


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MSc Candidate

Advisor: Prof. Izhak Bucher

Contact Details

Full CV – LINK

Office: Lady Davis Building 366

Tel: +972-77-8873605

Email: ran.sha.ran@gmail.com

Research interests

  • Structural dynamics, vibration
  • Near-field acoustic levitation
  • Control
  • Signal Processing
  • Fluid-structure interaction dynamics

Current research

Acoustic levitation and propulsion of silicon wafers: accurate positioning rotation and traveling wave based transportation

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An acoustic levitation device, operating at its second axisymmetric flexural mode. The sand stays at the nodal diameters.

A small mass, levitated above an ultrasonically oscillating driving.

A 200 mm silicon wafer, levitated and propelled using traveling flexural waves produced on an annular plate.

Non-contacting accurate angular positioning of a levitated object, using flexural waves, produced on an annular plate. In order to control the angle of the handled object, the presented device produces flexural waves of different qualities (standing waves to traveling waves) according to the error between the wanted angle and the measured angle. (A plot describing the time response of the levitated object appears in the pictures section).

Demonstrating closed loop control of 3D DOF of an acousticly levitated wafer. (No contact)



Refereed papers in conference proceedings

  • I. Bucher*, D. Ilssar, R. Gabai, N. Cohen, R. Shaham and S. Davis, Controlled acoustic levitation – physical model and real-time digital implementation, IEEE International conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics, Banff Alberta Canada, July 2016.